Dare To Wear Victorian Gothic Boho Women's Plus Size Mandarin Corset Top Teal Rose 2x

We invoke the mystique of the Orient with our Mandarin top! This top harmoniously joins Asian-inspired delicate beauty with a slimming design provided by printed side panels and a corset lace-up. The result is a look that is exotic and sexy, with a classic Dare to Wear fit that is flattering and familiar. Even if your Chinese is limited to Kung Pao and General Tsao, your sense of style can't be misunderstood in our Mandarin top! Your purchase of a genuine Dare Fashion item supports our mission to create flattering fashion for women of ALL shapes and sizes, keep manufacturing in USA, and develop sustainable apparel solutions for a healthier planet. WARNING: Dare Fashion causes increased confidence and happiness, please be prepared for compliments from complete strangers!
Dimensions: 190 x 410 x 830
Size: 2x
Color: Teal Rose
Condition: New

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