Roy Rose Jewelry ~ Serinium Grooved Edges Stone Finish Band 6mm Wide Ring ~ Size 6

Roy Rose Jewelry brings you the best lifelong Serinium Collection by JI. ~ Rings crafted of Serinium glow with beauty that will endure for a lifetime ~ Known as The Precious Contemporary Metal TM, Serinium is a beautiful, bright white, ultra-hard metal that is forged at extreme temperatures and pressures. This high-tech alloy will never oxidize, tarnish, change shape or change color ~ Serinium is also the safest contemporary metal - despite its hardness, a Serinium ring can easily be removed in an emergency. ~ Roy Rose Jewelry is an authorized seller for Serinium by Jewelry Innovations who has created a stunning collection of styles crafted in this extraordinary metal ~ Whether set with diamonds, inlaid with precious metals such as gold, silver, copper or platinum, or embellished with engraving and hi-tech carbon fiber, or rugged camouflage, there is a Serinium ring that will make your own very unique statement and style. ~ Your Serinium ring purchase will come with a Lifetime Warranty card. If a ring should fail structurally, it will be replaced at no charge (shipping and handling not included). Rings have a lifetime size exchange policy. They may be exchanged as many times as needed for the lifetime of the band (deductibles may apply). Your Serinium ring will be replaced if removed in a medical emergency. Warranty information is included with your purchase. Engraving services: We offer custom laser engraving on the inside and outside of the rings.
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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