Glamour Cap Chemo Turban Black & Silver Abstract for Women with Cancer, Chemo, Hair Loss

Our Pleated Glamour Cap adds style & sophistication to any winter outfit. Made with soft, stretchy elegant fabrics and accented with pleating to create a voluminous look. Available in festive winter prints to match your holiday outfits. Our products are designed for women undergoing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments, Alopecia or other medically related hair loss. It is made specifically to be worn by women who have little to no hair. Can also be worn with halo wigs, with bangs or over a full wig. It's a stylish and comfortable alternative to wigs. Perfect gift to bring to a chemo head shaving party. Pretty chemo gifts for women cancer patients. We offer a full selection of casual and dressy, chic cancer headwear including chemo hats and scarves, turbans, beanies, sleep caps, cloche hats, headwraps and other chemo scarfs. Check out our customer favorites including the Bella Scarf, Abbey Cap, Cloche Cap, Bohemian Scarf, Glamour Cap and Night Cap. Our pretty winter hats are warm, comfortable, soft and stylish. Find your favorite Chemo Hat Beanie Turban Headwear for Cancer. Our Brands Turban Plus, Chemo Fashion Scarf and Chemo Essentials. Winter Hats are seasonal and limited edition hats.
Dimensions: 130 x 500 x 630
Size: One Size Fits Most
Color: 01- Black & Silver Abstract (Blended Knit)
Condition: New

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