Cashmere Headband by Citizen Cashmere (Grey) (45 301-05-09)

FEATURES 100% Cashmere Chic and Warm Hand Knit Designed in Paris STAY STYLISH THIS WINTER This 100% Pure Cashmere cable-knit headband is a fabulous fashion staple for the winter months. Perfect for the woman who doesn't want to sacrifice style when the temperature drops. Entirely hand-knit and hand-worked, this headband is as plush and warm as it is stylish. Pair it with a matching scarf by Citizen Cashmere and stay toasty all through the winter. FEEL THE PURE CASHMERE DIFFERENCE Made entirely of cashmere from Citizen Cashmere's own goatherd in Mongolia, this hand-combed fiber has a gorgeous, plush feel. WHAT ELSE? -One Size Fits All Women -Cable Knit -Hand Wash Only -Warm and Stylish
Dimensions: 102 x 543 x 1551
Size: One Size Fits All
Color: Light Gray
Condition: New

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