Oblong Rectangular Hard Eyeglass Case Medium To Large Frames Men Women In Camo

Have some fun with this camouflage patterned hard eyeglass case. This is the perfect eyeglass case for the avid outdoorsman, or woman, military personnel, or anyone who just loves camo! This rectangular shaped metal bodied case is covered with a rubberized textured finish that is easy to feel and grip, perfect for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, or grip and strength problems. The rubberized finish also repels water and other liquids (case not waterproof)! The inside is lined with a soft plush styrene to help keep your lenses scratch-free, as well as a strong metal hinge to keep your glasses securely protected. The case's exterior measures 6.25 inches long, 2.63 inches high, and 1.63 inches deep. This case is the perfect gift for anyone who wears medium to large frames.
Dimensions: 190 x 360 x 670
Size: Medium - Large
Color: Camouflage
Condition: New

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