Soft Sunglass Pen Case

THE SADDLEBACK LEATHER SUNGLASS CASE/PEN CASEThe Saddleback Leather Sunglass Case/Pen Case is so practical for carrying your smaller items. It's the best pen case for drafting pencils, mechanical or apple pencils, colored pencils, and all types of makeup pencils like eyeliner and eyebrow pencils. It also makes a great wallet, iPhone case, pipe tobacco case or travel case. These cases make the best bag organizers, with their slim design keeping small items tucked away. When your smartphone needs a charge, keep it off the floor by looping the case closure strap through the 2nd punched hole on the flap, and hang the case over the charge cord. It's a really cool feature. Available in 4 colors: Tobacco (Tan), Chestnut (Red-Brown), Dark Coffee (Dark Brown) and Black.QUALITY FROM BEGINNING TO END1. THE BEST PEOPLE - The quality of our Sunglass Case is only as good as the people who make them. We have the best leather artisans in the business.2. THE BEST LEATHER - We only use the strongest, most expensive, premium 100% full grain, chrome-tanned leather sourced from reputable, environmentally friendly tanneries in Old Mexico.3. THE BEST THREAD - Our thread quality cannot be emphasized enough. We use extremely strong, marine-grade polyester thread that is both UV and saltwater resistant. You'll find the same thread used in boat sails and parachutes.4. THE BEST PARTS - We never use snaps, magnets, zippers, velcro or rolling wheels, which all eventually break. Using only the best materials is why we're so confident in the quality of our leather designs.5. 100 YEAR WARRANTY - We built the Leather Sunglass Case/Pen Case to last AT LEAST 100 years. All our leather designs are field-tested to handle stampeding bulls, your daily morning commute and small children. Whether your adventure takes you across the Serengeti or uptown on the A train at rush hour, if this leather case goes before you do, we'll fix it or replace it for free.
Dimensions: 390 x 650 x 1024
Size: Small
Color: Black
Condition: New

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