EyeSun Leather Large Eyeglasses Sunglasses Case with Free Cleaning Cloth(black,301-1MA-Big)

EyeSun Sunglasses Case - High Quality Durable PU Leather Eyeglasses Case with Free Cleaning Cloth Sunglasses Be Elegant! Carry Plush! Go Leather! Care for your Eyes? Then why buy cheap Eye-Glass Cases? Buy the top quality durable leather glasses case with unique arc design We all agree that when it comes to purchasing a pair of glasses, quality is never sacrificed for our prized eyes. And quality comes with a cost,so why go for cheaper options when it comes to keep our Eye-Glasses safe? Secure your eye-glasses in EyeSun high quality leather case The soft and luxurious cashmere lining inside, with a carefully constructed leather-bridge ensures that the glasses are gently cushioned preventing scratches. Features a magnetic closure with no exposed metal on the inside of the case to prevent any scratches to your glasses. Neutral elegent design,suitable for men and women,girls and boys. Come with a cleaning cloth,Perfect for cleaning glasses,cell phone, ipad etc. We strive to carry high quality items and practical & pretty gifts that folks truly love to receive! Choose EyeSun,Your life will be more Beautiful! Included 1 X Sunglasses Case with Free Cleaning Cloth
Dimensions: 260 x 350 x 820
Size: One Size
Color: Black
Condition: New

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