Women's Reversible 100% Baby Alpaca "Morocco" Hand-Embroidered Ruana Shawl - Ocean

It's inevitable. You leave your house in the morning feeling colorful and vibrant, and by evening you're ready for something with a bit more hauteur. This reversible ruana is for you. The colored side offers a lively wash of blue, burgundy or purple with embroidered accents, while the reverse side is a stately expanse of black alpaca perfect for a night out. Or wear it with a twist and show both sides. Because moods change! Great for three season wear. Made in Peru of pure baby alpaca. Alpaca - The Royal Fiber of the Incas Alpaca - The Royal Fiber of the IncasAlpaca fiber comes from the alpaca, an animal like a llama that lives at high altitudes in Bolivia and Peru. Its lustrous, silky feel sets it apart from other fibers, and during the Inca Empire (1200 AD - 1532 AD), only the royal family could use clothing made of Alpaca. Baby alpaca is an even finer, softer grade of alpaca fiber.Why buy Alpaca?Alpaca is a rare fiber with limited production. It is warmer, softer and far more durable than wool. Due to its long fiber length, alpaca will never pill. Your Alpaca item is an investment that will still look beautiful many years after its purchase. Alpaca is a Socially Responsible FiberAlpaca is an ecologically sustainable "green" fiber. Alpacas graze freely as they have for millenia. The husbandry of alpaca sustains rural families in the highlands of Peru, enabling them to stay in their traditional homes. How to care for your Alpaca clothing:Alpaca is not delicate. Care for exactly like wool. Hand-wash in cold water or dry-clean.Lay flat to dry. Store neatly folded - do not hang. Store in a moth-free environment. With this care, an Alpaca item will stand up to years of everyday usage with few signs of wear.
Dimensions: 210 x 1050 x 1170
Size: One Size
Color: Ocean
Condition: New

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