Novawo Women's Men's Super Soft Cashmere Solid Infinity Scarf (Purple)

Scarf Washing Tips: 1. Silk scarf    Dry clean or washed by hand in neutral detergent, the water temperature shoule be below 30 degrees to prevent it from Fading, Yellowing, Discoloration. To make the scarves more bright, you can put a little of vinegar to soak for several minutes, and do not wring it. And please put spread out to dry in the shade place. Do not use bleach product or something. 2. Chiffon scarf    Washing by hands gently in cold water, do not scrub, and please pay attention to separate it from other clothes. Do not use bleach product. 3. Cotton scarf    Suggested use the special laundry soap and detergent to hand wash. The hot water and bleach is forbidden. 4. Polyester    Because the fabric is very sensitive to heat, So you'd better not use warm water (Water temperature should be below 30 degrees) to wash it, the soaking time can not be too long. Please separate it with the darks clothes. Do not use bleach products.Strongly recommend dry cleaning. 5. Wool scarf    Strongly recommend dry cleaning. Please soaking in the water three minutes before washing, and the water should be higher than scarf, with a mild detergentor wool washing liquid for washing, do not rub the scarf,Gently wring the scarf after cleaning, do not use the drying machines, do not use bleach products. 6. Acrylic fibre    Please use the special laundry soap and detergents to wash the item with cold water in a gentle way, and please separate the deep color one from light one. Then please naturally dry the scarf in vertical way. Do not use bleach product or something.  
Dimensions: 110 x 1090 x 1340
Size: One size
Color: Purple
Condition: New

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