100% Cashmere Wrap Shawl Stole for Women, Guaranteed Quality Pure Cashmere, Super Soft and Warm Extra Large Scarf, Beige

KROWN Cashmere Shawls and Wraps KROWN Cashmere shawl wraps are great for indoor and outdoor events alike. A small detail guests will love when the sun goes down or the breeze comes in. These pashminas not only help in keeping your guests warm but also its fine fabric feels amazing when touched to skin. A classy guest treat sure to make your event stand out. Fine and light yet warm. KROWN Cashmere shawl wraps are perfect for those cooler summer days and evenings. Slip one into your handbag and then use over the shoulders to keep you warm when you don't want to wear a jacket. This shawl can be worn at any formal occasion or a simple scarf worn on a daily basis. Can be worn all year round except summer. KROWN Cashmere shawl wrap is also the quintessential cover-up for restaurants, theaters, outdoors, parties, work events and dining out, as well as being a beautiful complement to your more relaxed daytime outfit. They may well become the most versatile piece in your entire wardrobe. Cashmere has been worn and desired for thousands of years, ever since its introduction in Mongolia, Nepal, and the fabric's namesake, Kashmir. Woven from the fleece of the cashmere goat and known for its silky, soft texture and durable strength, cashmere is the ideal fabric for crafting a variety of winter accessories. Unlike sheep's wool, it can be worn directly against the skin without causing irritation, and provides superior insulation against the cold. Today, cashmere is a designer's dream fabric, and advances in processing techniques have expanded the availability of this luxurious material to places around the world.
Dimensions: 138 x 984 x 1457
Size: 78"x28"
Color: Beige
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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