Women's Genuine Leather Belt Real Cowhide Dress Ratchet Belt with Automatic Buckle

ABOUT USAs trusted company, we devote to providing the best product and service, all of our belts pass rigorous quality inspections, to ensure that only perfect belts can reach the market. We offer various styles of belts in different styles and colors, please enter "Bpstar belt" in the search bar to search for more our products. If the above size not suitable for you, and you need a bigger belt, just feel free to contact us, our factory can be re-produced according to your request.PRODUCT BASIC INFORMATIONSBelt's Material: 100% Cowhide Genuine LeatherBuckle's Material: High Quality Zinc AlloyWaist's Size: For details, please refer to the last picture.PACKING LISTBelt Buckle ×1Leather Belt ×1If the belt is too long for you, you can shorten it easily as the following steps:1. Lift the clasp.2. Measure your waist's size, and get the extra length for you.3. Cut the excess part that was connected at the buckle side with a scissor.4. Reinsert the leather into the buckle and close the clasp.If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us. NOW EVERYTHING IS READY, JUST DO IT!
Dimensions: 170 x 550 x 590
Size: Suitable for 21"-45" waist
Color: Red
Condition: New

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