HAPPYTIMEBELT Women's Genuine Leather Belt with Gold Plated Buckle Easy to Adjust the Length(Black-S)

How to adjust the belt length to fit your waist. 1:Remove the screws with a screwdriver 2:Use scissors to cut off the excess length TIPS:please make sure you will not cut it too short for you. How to make a hole to fit your waist ? 1:With a ruler to draw a straight line In the middle of the belt 2:With a hole punch punch holes in the straight line. 3:Put a useless magazine(Chopping board) interjacent desk and belt. 4:With a hammer hit hole puncher TIPS:Keep healthy is a important thing for everyone.one size belt length is 40-44 inch. this is our mistake and this the reason one size belt cheap than other size.
Dimensions: 170 x 380 x 540
Size: Small
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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