Women's Fashion Eyewear Case For Small To Large Glasses In Stylish Leopard Print

Treat yourself to these fashionable Animal Print eyewear cases that will protect your glasses in style! These semi-hard envelope style cases are constructed with a soft animal print fabric in three different patterns; Zebra, Leopard, and Tiger. The inside features a raised notch in the middle, approximately half an inch wide, so the bridge of your glasses can sit comfortably and securely in place. The sides, back, and bottom are fortified with a strong, ridgid plastic that is lined with a plush nylon fabric to protect your lenses from damage and scratches. The soft fabric flap that closes over the top of the case is also lined and padded for extra protection. The front flap closes securely with velcro tabs that have been single stitched and glued down for extra staying power. To store your frames securely inside the case, simply place them inside with the lenses facing the back of the case, and the temples crossing over the front of the case, right above the velcro tab. Close the top flap and press the velcro tabs together, and voila! Your frames and lenses are stored safely and ready to be thrown into your bag or purse without worry. These cases measure 6.5 inches long, 2.5 inches high, and 1.5 inches deep. They are the perfect gift for anyone who wears small to medium frames! Hand packed with care in Dallas, Texas.
Dimensions: 205 x 382 x 740
Size: Small / Medium
Color: Leopard
Condition: New

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