Retro Optix Classic 80's Vintage Style Design Sunglasses, Black

Enjoy these great wayfarer style sunglasses. The "wayfarer" style of sunglasses has been marketed most notably by the ray-ban company and has been a fashion statement in many Hollywood movies dating back to the 50's. The wayfarer style really looks "cool" and hit its stride most notably in the 80's due in part to movies like the blues brothers, risky business, Miami vice and breakfast club. These sunglasses are a fun reminder that the wayfarer style has spanned many decades and is still going strong today! enjoy the fun, bright, modern colors or the classic black. Sunglasses are important to help reduce exposure to harmful "rays" from the sun. These glasses are extra fun for parties, skits and gatherings where a "prop" can help everyone in a group participate together and seem unified. Wayfarer sunglasses are cool! remember: These aren't ray-ban's- but are an inexpensive, light weight "value" pair of sunglasses to show off your wayfarer style.
Dimensions: 134 x 209 x 528
Size: Large
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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