Dakine - EQ Duffle Bag - U-Shaped Opening - Removable Shoulder Strap - External End Pocket - 23L, 31L, 51L & 74L

Stylish, functional, and durable are just a few of the reasons why the Dakine EQ Duffle Bag is perfect for travel, gear storage, or everyday use. Built out of high-quality materials and engineered with an easy-to-load large U-shaped opening, the EQ Bag offers travelers everything they are looking for in a durable duffle bag. The EQ Duffle Bag contains an easy-to-access zippered end pocket that simplifies the process of accessing and organizing your clothing and personal items such as tablets, headphones, or medication. Most duffle bags can be a challenge to carry, especially if you have a heavy load. This isn't the case with the Dakine EQ Duffle Bag. Thanks to an incredibly strong, durable, and removable padded shoulder strap, travel becomes less stressful and carrying your personal items becomes much easier. This unique design frees up your hands to let you carry additional luggage, open doors, or talk on the phone. The EQ Duffle Bag is available in multiple size options, including 23L, 31L, 51L, and 74L. With more than 10 different colors and patterns available for each size, you can pick a style and color that fits your personal tastes perfectly. Cleaning your EQ Duffle bag by Dakine is also simple. Simply wash it with mild soap, cold water, and a soft bristle brush. Durability is enhanced thanks the high-quality assembly and materials used in the construction of the Dakine EQ Duffle Bag. This duffle is dependable and built to last. Like all Dakine travel bags, it's protected by Dakine's limited lifetime warranty.
Dimensions: 291 x 1039 x 1205
Size: 31L
Color: Field
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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