Prescription Reading Glasses, 5 pairs (multicolored, +1.25)

Improve Your Vision and Quality of LifeOur SightPros reading glasses are perfect for anyone who needs computer glasses, reading glasses, or magnifying glasses to see small text. Don't be caught holding your menu or newspaper at arm's length in order to read small text. Our strong glasses are perfect for close-up tasks such as computer use, reading, or any delicate hobby.Several pairs means you can keep them where ever you need themThere's nothing as frustrating as needing your glasses and realizing that you left them at home - or even just in another room! With our glasses that never has to be a problem. We include five pairs of readers with your order - including a tinted pair for reading in the sun. This means that you can leave a pair at work, a pair in your car, a pair by your bed, a pair in the living room, and a nice tinted pair out by the pool!Available in many different strengthsWe offer several different strengths to ensure that you can order the best reading glasses for your eyes.High QualityOur high quality reading glasses have real spring hinges to ensure comfort and durability. Comfortable reading glasses, durable reading glasses, and fashionable reading glasses do not have to be three different things. SightPros combines all of these qualities to provide top-notch readers that we hope will be the last reading glasses you ever have to purchase!For a Good CauseAs if getting high quality, long lasting reading glasses for yourself wasn't incentive enough to hit "add to cart" - your purchase helps to fund our mission trips to less fortunate areas where we work to provide quality vision care to those who would otherwise go without.
Dimensions: 130 x 520 x 610
Size: Medium
Color: Multicolor
Package quantity: 5
Condition: New

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