Higher State Freedom Running Sock (5 Pack) - Large - Navy Blue

Supportive Fit, Performance Comfort Weaving together a range of technical fabrics with a blend of a high cotton content (27%) creates a highly structured design that feels lusciously soft against the skin yet retains its intelligent design features; delivering a piece that balances exquisite comfort with performance requirements. Equipping you with the perfect kit to excel at what Higher State is all about, running. Run hard, run long, run in a higher state. The structure of the Freedom Running Sock employs differentiating levels of thickness and woven structure that combine to deliver a supreme technical performance piece. The upper utilises a fine mesh weave that sits lightly against the skin, the featherweight design draws perspiration away from the skin, pulling it into the mid/outer layer to be evaporated. Whilst also serving to retain a comfortable and consistent environment within the inner of the sock; heat is rapidly drawn away from the foot whilst simultaneously allowing fresh air to permeate within. Creating a cool, dry and altogether more comfortable fit whilst out on the road. Supporting the foot through the gait cycle the integrated arch support cradles the plantar arch, whilst creating a slight compression around the mid foot. The result assists with reducing specific load points across the arch and secures the sock in place, eliminating slip and discomfort whilst running. Making the Freedom Running Sock the perfect piece of kit for any sport or activity. The foundation of the sock rests upon a zonal cushioning system. The concept utilises extra padding along the length of the base to assist with alleviating impact shock and creating a smoother transition from heel to toe. The additional cushioning also helps to assist with reducing targeted pressure on the foot which could cause blistering to occur. Coupled with a specifically designed Anti chafing toe seam the socks help to eliminate irritation and chafing within the toe box, for a complete sports p
Size: Large
Color: Navy Blue
Condition: New

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