Soojun Women's Loose Fit Pattern Cotton Bib Overalls Shorts Summer 3 Green

Style 1---(Include Strap)Length: 100cm/39.3", Bust: 104cm/40.9", Hip: 122cm/48.0", Thigh: 66cm/25.9", Opening: 44cm/17.3" Style 2---(Not Include Strap)Length: 120cm/47.2", Bust: 100cm/39.3, Hip: 114cm/44.8", Thigh: 60cm/23.6", Opening: 38cm/14.9" Style 3---(Include Strap)Length: 123cm/48.4", Waist: 110cm/43.3", Hip: 130cm/51.1", Thigh: 78cm/30.7", Opening: 52cm/20.4" Style 4---(Include Strap)Length: 134cm/52.7", Bust: 104cm/40.9", Hip: 114cm/44.8", Thigh: 62cm/24.4", Opening: 58cm/22.8" Style 5---(Not Include Strap)Length: 102cm/40.1", Bust: 98cm/38.5", Hip: 122cm/48.0", Thigh: 64cm/25.1", Opening: 44cm/17.3" Style 6---(Not Include Strap)Length: 113cm/44.4", Bust: 106cm/41.7", Hip: 120cm/47.2", Thigh: 64cm/25.1", Opening: 42cm/16.5" Style 7---Length(Not Include Strap): 115cm/45.2", Waist: 100cm/39.3", Hip: 115cm/45.2", Thigh: 68cm/26.7"Style 8---Length(Not Include Strap): Waist: 94cm/37.0", Hip: 120cm/47.2", 117cm/46.0", Thigh: 66cm/25.9"This is a kind of fashion style of freedom, and if you like the freedom, not bondage, it will be your best choice. We use post service (USPS, etc), express service (Fedex, DHL, UPS etc) to ship your package. You can easily get estimated delivery date when you place the order. We will never stop to pursuit your perfection. If you happen to have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.
Dimensions: 130 x 1020 x 1040
Size: US S-L
Color: Style 3: Green
Condition: New

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