Women's Hand-Knit 100% Alpaca "Navajo" Poncho Shawl

Why the Ruana? It's not a sweater, it's not a coat. You can't climb Everest in it and it won't keep you dry in a hurricane . All it does is look absolutely smashing as it flows around your body in a gorgeous swirl of color and pattern. Wear it your way: open, wrapped or thrown over your shoulder. Romantic and distinctive-- if you've never worn a cape or ruana, try one out and see why women have been adorning themselves in swaths of beautiful cloth for the last several thousand years. WHY BUY ALPACA? Alpaca is a rare fiber from Peru and Bolivia that is warmer, softer and far more durable than wool. Due to its long fiber length, alpaca will never pill, and your sweater is an investment that will still look beautiful many years after its purchase. How to care for your Alpaca clothing • Care for exactly like wool. • Hand-wash in cold water or dry-clean. • Laid flat to dry. • Store neatly folded - do not hang. • Store in a moth-free environment. With this care, an Alpaca item will stand up to years of everyday usage with few signs of wear. ABOUT INVISIBLE WORLD: At Invisible World we have been scouring the globe for the finest in wool, silk, alpaca and cashmere for over 30 years. We are located in Juneau, Alaska but source and design products all over the world. We offer a money-back guarantee and all domestic shipping is free.
Dimensions: 290 x 1130 x 1290
Size: One Size
Color: Multicolor
Condition: New

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