BearHands Sumptuous Faux Fur Mittens - with handy flap opening for when fingers are needed! (Adult Large) - Chewie Star Wars

On a ski trip in 2002, Father and Son, Jeff and Zach Golden, figured there had to be a better way to keep hands warm while accessing their fingers to wipe goggles, blow nose, etc, without removing their gloves on the ski lift. Over a year later, they teamed up with their resident "buddy" Mike Wolinsky, and BearHands were born. Combining fun and functionality, BearHands come in super-warm, sumptuous faux fur or ThinsulateTM lined fleece, paw-shaped mittens that allow you to access your bare hand through a secret Velcro flap. Fully enclosed paw-shaped mittens for infants and toddlers were a natural addition to the range. Accompanying the mittens is the adorable "buddy" line of products developed by in-house designer and production co-ordinator, Julie Dennis. Buddy items include scarves, hats, ponchos, baseball caps and sun hats. There are many colors and animals to choose from. Buddy accessories let children snuggle with their animal friends while leaving their hands free to play. BearHands & Buddies products are everyday items that have been recreated in a unique way and appeal to people of all ages ... simply put, BearHands & Buddies put the fun in FUNctionality and bring smiles wherever they go!
Size: Adult Large
Color: Chewie Star Wars
Condition: New

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