HipKlip Eyeglass Case with 1 Klip

Your HipKlip Standard Smart Pocket is a specially designed wallet/mini-purse that attaches to the HipKlip. It has a top zip opening to keep things like cash, credit cards, ID, and lip balm secure and an open pocket on the other side for easy access to your cell phone or camera. Your Pocket has 2 patented black onyx stainless steel HK logo HipKlips which attach to your belt or waistband. Why You Need It - Ever wish you didn't have to lug around a big heavy purse when you only need your ID, credit cards, and/or keys? - Ever lose your keys inside your purse? - Ever have your purse stolen because you left it somewhere? - Ever wish you had an extra pocket, deeper pockets, or any pockets at all? - Ever lose things out of your pockets? - Ever wish you could be hands and shoulder free while out and about? Where You Wear It? - Beach - Bar - Gym - Shop - Campus - Dance - Dog Walk - Cycle - Drive - Run - Work - Stadium: at sports arena - Aqua Seal: boat, shower, swim, fish, wash dishes
Color: Black
Condition: New

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