Indian Tunic Top Womens Kurti Yellow Floral - Embroidered Blouse - 40 Inch 'L'

Indian tunic top (also called Kurti) for women made of 100% cotton fabric with elegant embroidery. These tunic tops from India are suitable for all occasions and can worn with the jeans or matching legging. Indian kurtis are the perfect way to balance style, comfort and sun protection, and our Handmade Embroidered Kurti Tunic is the best way to experience all of the benefits of traditional kurti tops. The Handmade Embroidered Kurti Tunic is a traditional design that reflects all of the classic details of the kurti. The top has a rounded neckline that plunges to a V shape at the chest for extra ventilation. The kurti tunic is cut to fall below the hips, yet the sides are vented all the way to the waist for ease of movement and to let air flow to the skin. The sleeves on Indian kurtis are long to protect the entire length of the arm from the sun, and the sleeves are slightly flared for an attractive shape. Although the Handmade Embroidered Kurti Tunic will keep you covered from the sun, our artisan-crafted kurti tops are very cool. We make our Indian kurtis from luxury-grade 100 percent cotton fabric for unparalleled breathability in hot weather. The kurti tunic is light and airy, so you'll always feel cool when you wear it. For a lovely finishing touch, the white kurti is embroidered along the neckline, the sleeves and the front of the hem with flowers. Each of our kurtis is fully handmade for an impressive level of quality. Stay cool and comfortable. Keep your arms covered for all-day sun protection and look chic for any occasion. Order the Handmade Embroidered Kurti Tunic today and enjoy the beauty and quality of the finest of handcrafted kurtis!
Size: Large
Color: Red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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