RAIN SLICKS Women's Classic Look Raincoat Hooded Plaid Lined Waterproof Jacket Large Black

This is the Original Rain Slicker our most popular raincoat with a plaid lined hooded jacket The raincoat has a very generous fit for layering and is perfect for those rainy days, please refer to our size chart. Fabric Our Rain Slicker is made with a quality Thick PVC Shell which offers superior protection from all weather elements. Our 100% Cotton Lining is very comfortable on the skin. Features The Rain Slicker's The Raincoat sleeves are adjustable as you can fold them up or down depending on your arm length to show more or less plaid which is very functional and practical. The Jacket's hood is large and covers the head, along with your forehead and face nicely. Toggles so you can tighten it around your face to give you superior protection from the rain. The two pockets in the front are reinforced with little metal studs under the front pocket flaps and is perfect for a cell phone as it's completely safe from rain and will not fall out.
Dimensions: 260 x 1130 x 1480
Size: Large
Color: Black
Condition: New

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