Mordenmiss Women's Rompers Wide Leg Pants Strapless Denim Jumpsuit with Pockets (style-3 Torn dark blue)

Mordenmiss has registered US Trademark "Mordenmiss". This item is only provided by Mordenmiss, and did not authorize any second stores to sell our items. If other seller follow selling our items, please kindly notice us or report to Amazon directly. Mordenmiss only gurantee our quality, we do not guarantee the quality of other sellers. Size Information Style-1 (Fit US 6-14): Length:48",Bust:44.8",Hip:59.1",Leg cuff:18.5" Style-2 (Fit US 4-10): Length:53.9",Waist:42.5",Hip:52",Thigh circumference::30.7",Leg cuff:15" Style-3 (Fit US 6-14): Length:57.1",Waist:39.4",Hip:48",Thigh circumference:23.6",Crotch(front):18.5",Crotch(back):18.5",Pant cuff:17.3" Style-4 (Fit US 6-16): Length:36.6",Bust:39.4-55.1",Hem:80.3",Leg Cuff:14.2" Style-5 (Fit US 4-10): Length:51.2",Waist:42.5",Hip:48.8",Thigh circumference:28.3" Style-6 (Fit US 6-12): Length:48.8",Waist:43.3",Hip:55.1",Thigh circumference:27.6",Pant cuff:17.3" Style-7 (Fit US 6-12): Length:44.1",Waist:42.5",Hip:48.8",Thigh circumference:28.3" Style-8 (Fit US 6-12): Waist:33.9",Hip:39.4",Hem:51.2" Style-9 (Fit US 6-12): Length:55.1" ,Hip:46.1",Waist:33.5-39.8" Style-10 (Fit US 6-12): Length(Not Including the Straps):48.8",Waist:39.4",Hip:43.3",,Thigh circumference:24" Style-11 (Fit US 4-10): Length:45.7",Waist:42.5",Hip:43.3",Hem:47.2" Style-12 (Fit US 6-14): Length:48.8",Waist:39.4",Hip:48.8",Pant Cuff:17.3" Style-13 (Fit US 6-14): Length:51.6",Waist:43.3",Hip:47.2",Pant Cuff:16.5" Style-14 (Fit US 2-8): Length:50",Waist:39.4",Hip:42.5",Thigh circumference:23.6",Pant Cuff:11.8" Style-15 (Fit US 6-12): Length:49.2",Bust:40.6",Waist:42.5",Pant Cuff:14.2",Crotch(Front):28" Style-16 (Fit US 6-12):Length:37.8",Inseam:20.5",Waist:40.9",Pant Cuff:8.3"
Dimensions: 140 x 980 x 1150
Size: One Size
Color: Style-3 Torn Dark Blue
Condition: New

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