Silk Rose Women's Eyeglasses Beaded Chain and Badge Holder for IDs and Cards, Amber

Finally your glasses are where you need them! Durable and elegant eyeglass and sunglass holder, made with quality beads held by a sturdy and flexible string. This holder can be used in three ways: 1) Traditional way: Simply insert your eyeglass temples (the sticks of the eyeglass frame) into the end loops and tight them. 2) With clips: You can attach your glasses using the two metal clips that are included in the package. To do so, simply remove the end loops and attach the clips to the clasps. The metal clips are padded inside, so they can be attached to the temples without scratching them. 3) Badge holder: The clips can transform this eyewear holder into a lanyard, to hold badges, ID cards, hotel and cruise ship cards, gym passes, keys, and more. Buy two or more, one for each eyeglasses, spare reading glasses and sunglasses you own, and free yourself from having to find your glasses ever again!
Dimensions: 30 x 350 x 440
Color: Amber
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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