Dare To Wear Victorian Gothic Boho Women's Plus Size Bolero Corset Top Silver Cheetah 2x

As a true fashionista, you know that a Bolero is a really short, sexy jacket that just covers the arms and shoulders. You probably also know that a Bolero is a smoldering, sexy dance originally from Spain, but perfected in Cuba. (And, if you're a child of the '80s, you might even remember it as a smoldering, sexy movie). But did you know that it's also a top? A smoldering, sexy top that is the hottest in our collection! For this production, we went wild, and in addition to classic black and Victorian Blackberry Brocade, we also made our Bolero top in fierce animal prints. Grrrr!Your purchase of a genuine Dare Fashion item supports our mission to create flattering fashion for women of ALL shapes and sizes, keep manufacturing in USA, and develop sustainable apparel solutions for a healthier planet. WARNING: Dare Fashion causes increased confidence and happiness, please be prepared for compliments from complete strangers!
Dimensions: 200 x 460 x 900
Size: 2x
Color: Silver Cheetah
Condition: New

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