GSG Ladies Spain Genuine Nappa Leather Gloves Womens Driving Winter Gloves Winter Non Touchscreen Bordeaux

ORIGINAL DESIGN IN EVERY PAIR OF LEATHER GLOVES Originally designed by our GSG designers. Specially for American casual style. To create elegant and exquisite city life for the fashion ladies. In Business since 1992. PREMIUM SPAIN IMPORTED GENUINE LEATHER Spain Genuine Nappa Leather with supple texture, delicate, smooth, flexible, and more durable. Beautifully crafted gloves will only get better with age. SMART TIPS TOUCH SCREEN GLOVES Easy to use smart devices while keeping the hands warm. Convenient to use with your smartphones, iphones, iPads, ATMs, fuel pumps, or GPS devices, and etc. Our gloves allow accurate typing and enable any touchscreen command, such as zooming in or out. New arrivals of FULL PALM touchscreen gloves have been in stock to meet your demand. DURABLE ELEGANT STYLE Exquisite sewing process highlights the quality. International standards of implementation, strict cortex inspection and testing procedures to ensure the durability of the GSG brand gloves. You look more beautiful and elegant with them on!
Dimensions: 140 x 590 x 1160
Size: 7.5
Color: Bordeaux-non Touchscreen
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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