Dare To Wear Victorian Gothic Boho Women's Plus Size Treasure Corset Top in Burgundy 4X

Put on our Treasure top and you are ready for any adventure. Whether your day takes you out on the town, to an after-work cocktail party, or off to hunt pirate's treasure and slay mythic dragons, you'll know that you're perfectly dressed for the occasion! This top is strong yet feminine, sexy and demure at the same time. It features kimono sleeves that are narrower at the shoulders and flow down towards the pointed skirt hem, all trimmed in silky smooth charmeuse fabric. The overall effect is that of a cascading shimmery waterfall, which, together with the "V" neckline and cinched-in waist, creates a slimming profile that will have you looking your best!Your purchase of a genuine Dare Fashion item supports our mission to create flattering fashion for women of ALL shapes and sizes, keep manufacturing in USA, and develop sustainable apparel solutions for a healthier planet. WARNING: Dare Fashion causes increased confidence and happiness, please be prepared for compliments from complete strangers!
Dimensions: 220 x 550 x 1080
Size: 4X
Color: Burgundy
Condition: New

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